Viodi View

Viodi View – 08/03/11

There has been plenty of analysis so far of the America’s Broadband Connectivity Plan (the ABC Plan) for modifying Universal Service Fund and intercarrier compensation.  I especially like the nice summary table that Joan Engebretson put together at Telecompetitor.  Dave Burstein has several  interesting posts including one suggesting that there is a “Billion Dollar Incentive […]


Net Neutrality Ruling – A Slippery Path to Internet Video Regulation?

Yesterday's FCC meeting on Net Neutrality was entertaining, given it was truly one of the more partisan events at that agency in a long time. The key question at the end of the meeting was whether the new rules will lead to market stability or uncertainty and litigation. There are some hopeful signs, such as […]

Independent Operators

Video Innovation in Iowa

Iowa Independent Telcos have always been at the forefront of adding video and other services to their broadband offerings. It is appropriate then, that the Iowa Telecom Association would produce one of the best one-day programs on the topic of video. Topics ranged from over the top video, to local content to Emergency Alert Services […]