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Google Spurring FTTH Deployment in the Former Valley of the Heart’s Delight

After seemingly bypassing the hometowns of many of its employees last January, Google Fiber reappeared this Fall in the cities of San Jose and Santa Clara. It may not be news they are seriously considering a Silicon Valley deployment (Mountain View, Sunnyvale and Palo Alto are slated for service), but the details of how they are […]

Viodi View

Viodi View – 09/26/15

Until I begin using robotic telepresence, like the women who used it outside the Apple store this week, it won’t be possible to be in two places at once. A robotic telepresence would have been useful this week, as that would have allowed me to attend NTCA’s Fall Conference. Fortunately, we caught up with an industry […]

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Google Fiber – A Step Function Connectivity Improvement

A step function improvement in capability is how Milo Medin described Google’s Kansas City fiber project at the February 13th IEEE ComSoc meeting in Santa Clara. That huge improvement in customer experience is in contrast to the incremental gains of MSO [Multiple System Operator] and telco broadband networks, which have much lower access speeds. Medin, who […]

Alan Weissberger

BT will miss 2010 target for IPTV service but will increase FTTP

Britain’s BT Vision said the IPTV service would fall short of meeting its goal of 2 million to 3 million customers by the end of next year. That target, set by BT CEO Ian Livingstone, won’t be reached over that time. "We have not yet found the best way of explaining what the benefits are […]