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What is the market for Carrier Ethernet- metropolitan and/or rural areas?

September 25th Update:  Carrier Ethernet Thunder from Light Reading + PBT based Backhaul in SPRINT’s Xohm Undoubtedly, this piece is intended to promote Light Reading’s Ethernet Expo next month in NYC.  However, it has some useful market share numbers from the leading vendors, e.g. Cisco’s share has dropped to below 50%, while Alcatel-Lucent is in 2nd place.  […]

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Juniper CEO Scott Kriens Thoughts on Leadership and Corporate Culture Transformation

By Alan J. Weissberger, contact alan at for information on his telecom consulting services.   On Jan 8, 2008, I was privileged to hear Scott Kriens talk at the SCU Business School (I was a Professor in SCU EE Dept for many years).  Here are the key points of his talk:   Juniper has […]

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