Viodi View

Viodi View – 05/08/09

         “Déjà vu’ all over again”, as Yogi Berra reportedly once said, is the term that describes today’s popular news events. The stagnant economy and, more importantly, consumer confidence seem reminiscence of the 70s. There is a definite tension in the air as we are waiting for the affects of the government spending […]

The Korner

What Is Good for Google is Good for Us!

$  Donate to the Village School by entering the amount above and clicking the "Donate" button. It was once said, “What is good for General Motors is good for America.” Fast-forward fifty years and the engine of the economy is no longer nuts and bolts manufacturing, but the dissemination of information and entertainment at little […]

People on the Move

Kudos to Alan Weissberger

I have always appreciated Alan Weissberger’s ability to analyze and write about complex technical challenges. He is never afraid to take a strong view on a topic. A former FCC Commissioner commented on one of his articles by stating, “Your articles were right on target and I very much enjoyed them.”  Further, Weissberger is quoted in the […]