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Assessment of Open Networking, Bare Metal Switches, White Boxes, and NFVi

The Vision and Reality of Open Networking: From 2012 to at least 2016, there was tremendous industry buzz about disaggregation of the network switch, transport equipment, and network appliances. Many industry “experts” and stock market analysts said that purpose-built hardware would be replaced by “open network” software running on commodity “white boxes” and “bare metal […]

Alan Weissberger Software Defined Network

A New Open Data Center Network: Disaggregating the Network Operating System from Switch/Router Gear

Introduction: SDN proponents cite the proprietary, closed and tightly integrated hardware/software architectures of switch/routers being an impediment towards achieving network agility, more efficient bandwidth utilization, and lower costs.  That’s because those boxes are complex, aren’t generally inter-operable with other vendor gear, and are almost impossible to control using external software. With more intelligence built into […]

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