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Viodi View – 12/12/16

Carrier Network Virtualization Becoming Real The shift from purpose-built to white-box hardware with network functions enabled by software is building momentum, based on the presentations and demonstrations at the Carrier Network Virtualization conference. Featuring speakers and attendees from carriers and providers, such as AT&T, Google, NTT and Vodafone, this multi-day conference provided an excellent overview of […]

Alan Weissberger Software Defined Network

Highlights of Open Server Summit: Nov 11-13, 2014 in Santa Clara, CA

Executive Summary: The big box buzz today is “Software Defined Everything” – from compute servers to networks, storage, and data centers. That’s according to the speakers at the 2014 Open Server Summit held last month in Santa Clara, CA. The implication is that a lot of existing hardware based functionality will be implemented as software which […]

Alan Weissberger Cloud Computing Networking

2014 Hot Interconnects Semiconductor Session Highlights & Takeaways- Part I.

Introduction: With Software Defined: Networking (SDN), Storage and Data Center movements firmly entrenched, one might believe there’s not much opportunity for innovation in dedicated hardware implemented in silicon.  Several sessions at the 2014 Hot Interconnects conference, especially one from ARM Ltd, indicated that was not the case at all. With the strong push for open networks, […]

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