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Assessment of Open Networking, Bare Metal Switches, White Boxes, and NFVi

The Vision and Reality of Open Networking: From 2012 to at least 2016, there was tremendous industry buzz about disaggregation of the network switch, transport equipment, and network appliances. Many industry “experts” and stock market analysts said that purpose-built hardware would be replaced by “open network” software running on commodity “white boxes” and “bare metal […]

Alan Weissberger Cloud Computing Networking Software Defined Network

AT&T’s “SDN-WAN” as the Network to Access & Deliver Cloud Services

Introduction: For several years, we’ve wondered why there was so many alternative WANs used and proposed to access and deliver cloud computing and storage services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, etc.) for public, private, and hybrid clouds. The list includes: the public Internet (best effort), IP MPLS VPN, other types of IP VPNs, Carrier Ethernet for Private […]

Alan Weissberger Cloud Computing Networking Technology

2013 IDC Directions Part III- Where Are We Headed with Software-Defined Networking (SDN)?

Introduction: In the third article on the IDC Directions 2013 Conference (March 5th in Santa Clara, CA), we take a hard look at Software Defined Networking as presented by Rohit Mehra, IDC VP for Network Infrastructure. Note: Please see 2013 IDC Directions Part I for an explanation of the “3rd Platform” and its critical importance […]

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Telecom Death Spiral Continues with ZTE’s Steep Profit Drop

Sluggish telecom operator infrastructure spending, mobile device price wars and roadblocks in several western markets have all combined to cause China’s ZTE to report an 85% drop in profits (year over year) in the latest quarter that ended in June. Net earnings for the first half dropped 68 per cent  to Rmb245m, in line with a warning issued last […]

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Viodi View – 04/04/12

Is there a recipe for creating a viral video? This question is often pondered at digital media conferences and responses typically suggest viral video success stems from ingredients that include authenticity, quality of production, timing, the message and entertainment value. These elements are critical, but what might be the most important element is out of […]