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A Tale of 2 Meetings: Mobile Telecom in Crisis

1.  SVC Wireless March 10th Meeting: Mobile in Crisis- How to Survive and Thrive through the Economic Tsunami With the current credit crisis, economic meltdown, and stock market crash, both business and individuals are facing significant challenges: Big corporations are cutting cost and downsizing workforce while startups are struggling with shrinking market and drying capital […]

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Back to the Future – Software as a Service & Managed Services

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a popular Web 2.0 buzzword. It struck me at NTCA’s panel, Software as a Service: Creating New Revenue Channels, that Independent Telcos have been providing a sort of Software as a Service, really a Managed Service since their inception. Independent Telcos are starting to add on Software as a […]

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FTTP/ FTTH emerges as the winner for Delivery of Triple Play service bundles to the home- GPON gains market traction!

Background The United States is third among the world’s economies in the total number of FTTH households at 3.3 million, and is in 10th position in the global ranking with 2.9 percent market penetration. What’s most encouraging is that the US continues to experience the highest rate of growth of any economy in terms of […]

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Cisco’s New Acquisition and Globalization/Outsourcing Strategies

WSJ:  Cisco Changes Tack In Takeover Game   Cisco is now buying companies and giving them much more autonomy.  For example, Cisco bought email security start-up IronPort, but let it operate as a stand-alone unit, with its own managers, brand name, engineers and salespeople.   Cisco’s strategy shift is particularly striking because the company, the country’s third-largest […]