Alan Weissberger

Telecom Council Announces SPIFFY Award Winners- Telecom Start-ups and Supportive Carriers Recognized

 Abstract The mission of the Telecom Council of Silicon Valley is described along with the rationale for the SPIFFY awards. Notable comments from selected award presenters/ recipients are included in this summary along with Norwest Venture Partners Tim Chang’s observation on the current harsh climate for telecom start-ups and entrepreneurs.  Tim presented before the awards were […]

Alan Weissberger Wireless

3G and LTE squeeze WiMAX- is the market window still open?

Summary: Many pundits have declared the window of opportunity for WiMAX has closed.  Squeezed between he enhanced capability of 3G technologies (e.g. HSPA/HSPA+ for GSM) and accelerated LTE roll-outs, (notably Verizon Wireless) the claim is that WiMAX is DOA.  We disagree!  In particular, we believe there is a reasonable market for WiMAX fixed and nomadic/portable service […]

The Korner

What Is Good for Google is Good for Us!

$  Donate to the Village School by entering the amount above and clicking the "Donate" button. It was once said, “What is good for General Motors is good for America.” Fast-forward fifty years and the engine of the economy is no longer nuts and bolts manufacturing, but the dissemination of information and entertainment at little […]