Viodi View

Viodi View – 05/28/13

A New Use for an Old iPhone What to do with the some 50 million iPhones that were replaced last year; put them in a drawer, junk them, resell them? People Power provides an interesting approach to reusing these functionally good devices through its recently released People Power Presence. The above video overview with People Power’s CTO and co-founder, […]

Alan Weissberger Telco Services

New Telecom Services that Capitalize on Broadband Connectivity – Part 3

Background and Recap The theme of this three part series is to examine potentially new and different telecom services that enable telcos to particpate in the value chain created by broadband Internet access. Pressure is on telcos to build out their fiber based and/or mobile broadband networks for greater coverage and higher traffic carrying capacity. […]

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