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FCC Completes Reverse Auction as Forward Auction Looms Large

Executive Summary: The FCC concluded the first round of its two-part spectrum incentive Auction 1000 on Wednesday, June 29, 2016. Broadcasters sold some or all of their spectrum usage rights in exchange for millions of dollars.  It’s been called a “reverse auction” and formally as “Auction 1001” since spectrum was being relinquished rather than acquired.  The “forward auction,” formally known […]


Silicon Valley – Recipient of Mobility Fund Phase 1 Support?

Silicon Valley, the hot bed of technology innovation that helps drive broadband and mobile innovation, is under-served,when it comes to having high-speed wireless access to every one of its nook and crannies, according to the FCC.  The FCC’s newly released interactive map shows several areas in the eastern half of Santa Clara County (home to […]

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