Review Ultra High Definition Video Editing

Tohisba Satellite S55t B5233 as a Video Editing Machine

The following post provides a high-level view of the Toshiba S55t B5233 lap-top and its performance as a video editing laptop. The intent isn’t to provide a comprehensive review, but to give a snapshot of a couple of days of use for primarily editing videos using Sony Vegas 13 with various 3rd-party plug-ins. This combination […]


50/50 Isn’t Enough – The Key to Successful Relationships – A Book Review

Try as he might, Jimmy Stewart’s character in the classic Christmas film, It’s a Wonderful Life, cannot escape his hometown for the carefree adventures of his youthful dreams. Instead, he always puts others’ needs before his own. Just before it is too late, he realizes that those contributions to others had been his purpose. I […]