Autonomous Vehicles, New Mobility & the Built Environment

Orchestrating Multiple Transportation Modes in Boring Places and Familiar Streets, Paths, & Sidewalks

Transportation and communications networks are really one and the same. Instead of transporting invisible bits like telecom, mobility networks have to carry bottoms and boxes. Another parallel between these two types of networks is the need for orchestration to manage the different types of traffic and, potentially, different service providers.1 In the above interview, Bern […]

Alan Weissberger Robots

Augmenting the Human Worker with Cobots

Introduction: Most industrial experts agree that robotics will be essential to adapt to changes brought upon by automation of manufacturing, labor shortages in warehouses, hazardous environments, and the shift to Electric Vehicles (EVs).  There are also geopolitical drivers for robotics including cybersecurity, climate change, and demographics.  However, there is little or no talk about cobots.  […]

Viodi View

Viodi View – 03/31/20

Will video conferencing become part of the new normal after we emerge from our cocoons? Without the combination of easy-to-use devices, resilient broadband, and cloud services, it simply wouldn’t be possible to provide the kind of visual/aural/interactive experiences that are allowing groups of people of all ages, abilities, and locales to learn, work, play, worship […]

Alan Weissberger Technology

Summary of IEEE Ethical Standards for Robotics and AI

by Alan J Weissberger Introduction: Should robots and artificial intelligence (AI) be used to improve the human condition and enhance productivity or are they only to be used to increase revenue and profits for the companies pursuing those technologies?  Can they be trusted to make decisions without human intervention?  What about robotic or AI accidents/mishaps? […]