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Coordinating Robots Across Town and Across Country

Almost a year ago, Bern Grush warned that cities weren’t ready for sidewalk robots. This was reinforced a few months ago in a post on a neighborhood social media site where some pretty funny comments were made about an unexpected little robot plying the streets. In this neighborhood, like many, the sidewalk infrastructure is decrepit […]

Viodi View

Viodi View – 05/12/21

Things that were abstract dreams and nightmares in the early 1990s have become today’s reality. Specifically, the idea of electronic viruses and cybercriminals wreaking havoc on the real world has sadly become a reality and the resulting gas shortages are a reminder of the 1970 era. Unfortunately, the cyberinfrastructure vulnerabilities we are seeing today are […]

Autonomous Vehicles, New Mobility & the Built Environment Robots

Get Ready for Sidewalk Robots – Challenges and Opportunities

“We are not ready for sidewalk robots,” exclaims Harmonize Mobility”s Bern Grush in the above interview. Grush is qualified to make this statement as he is leading the efforts to standardize the curb interface for autonomous vehicles. It is important to note that in the context of the above conversation, autonomous vehicle means everything from […]