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Viodi View – 01/01/24

As 2023 came to a close, a friend explained how mushrooms create a “woodwide web” otherwise known as the “mycorrhizal network.” This network connects young saplings and other plants to so-called hub trees (a.k.a. mother trees) to transfer water, nitrogen, carbon, and other minerals. This web also serves as a network for the trees to […]

Alan Weissberger Technology

MIT President on How to Improve America’s Innovation Economy

Introduction and Overview Susan Hockfield, President of MIT, spoke to a sold out crowd at the November 9, 2011 Commonwealth Club meeting in Santa Clara, CA.  The topic discussed is very dear to this author:  “Revving Up America’s Innovation Engine.” Ms. Hockfield is a noted neuroscientist whose research has focused on the development of the […]