Viodi View

Viodi View – 03/21/13

Who is your mentor? This question was posed the other day to a cable luminary and got me thinking of my many influences; Don, Aloha, Sue, Terri, Bruce, Mr. Bremmer, Tom, John, Daryl, Jerry,¬†Gilles, Norman, Dutch, Roger, Mark; way too many to mention. But the one who is top of mind¬†and the inspiration for this […]


Music for the Living Room and Beyond – A Look at MOG

Does technology drive us apart? This was an interesting question posed in a Rockline interview with the Wilson sisters of the rock band Heart. With MP3 players, game devices and smart phones, people may be connected, but, as Stephen Stills might say, not necessarily connected with the ones they are with. The timing of last […]