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Viodi View – 11/19/22

If a human generation is 20 years, then, with this issue, the Viodi View now spans a generation. Of course, a technology generation is more like two or three years as evidenced by the technological advancements since the November 2002 Viodi View debut. It is difficult to remember the world of limited hard-drive storage, 400 […]

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People Die, Profiles Don’t

How many accounts, or how much information do you have on-line with banking, e-commerce, email, social networks, and such? What happens to these on-line accounts after death? Does your executor have access to these digital assests, does your family, does a friend? Who controls this information after death? You may be surprised just how confusing […]


You Might Not See This, If You Answered No

I like the look of the Minnesota Telecom Alliance's revamped web site (I know, the renovation took place months ago).  One of the things that caught my eye today was a real-time poll they had asking the simple question, "Do you use Twitter?"  Presumably, the people taking the poll are primarily people who work for […]

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Marketing Mecca and Business Panacea?

I question the suggestion, that putting your business face on Facebook and tweeting away on Twitter, are truly the marketing meccas or business panaceas they’re made out to be. I’m hearing that argument more and more at conferences now days. Last year I heard several speakers lecture to audiences on using Facebook, yet I couldn’t […]

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