Viodi View

Viodi View – 03/21/13

Who is your mentor? This question was posed the other day to a cable luminary and got me thinking of my many influences; Don, Aloha, Sue, Terri, Bruce, Mr. Bremmer, Tom, John, Daryl, Jerry,¬†Gilles, Norman, Dutch, Roger, Mark; way too many to mention. But the one who is top of mind¬†and the inspiration for this […]

Cybersecurity Review

Living His Destiny – Uncaged Book Review

Paul McKellips is living his destiny to help defend his country. Like the asymmetric enemies we face, Paul’s weapons are unconventional and leverage his strength in telling a story. Knowing Paul, his motivation for what he is doing is love; love of his fellow-man, love of his family and love of his country. Having run […]

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