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Viodi View – 11/05/16

It was easy to be skeptical several years ago when Calix’s Carl Russo announced a strategic shift from being a hardware to a software-centric company. This was at a time when Software Defined Networking was nascent, at best, and it wasn’t obvious how big a role software could play with purpose-built, access equipment. The complementary […]

Autonomous Vehicles, New Mobility & the Built Environment

A Transition Step(s) to an Autonomous Transport Future

A relatively low-density city designed around the car. Public transportation service that meets its published schedule only 71% of the time, leading to customer satisfaction of only 65%, while the fare recovery is only 15% (passengers only pay 15% of the actual cost with government subsidies making up the difference). Although the above sounds like a description befitting most any U.S. post-World War […]