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Trends in Cloud Data Center, Networking & Mobile Apps- from the Server Design Summit

Introduction “The data center is the cloud,”  said 40 year IT veteran Dileep Bhandarkar, Distinguished Engineer, Microsoft, during the closing panel session at this year’s Server Design Summit, which was held November 27-28, 2012 in Santa Clara, CA. Whether that will  be as famous a tagline as Sun Micro’s, “The network is the computer,” remains […]

Viodi View

Viodi View – 08/17/11

Alan Weissberger may have said it best when he suggested that the Google purchase of Motorola Mobility is representative of what has become a sort of patent mania these days.  At approximately $734k per existing patent or $500k if pending patents are included, this is a good deal compared to the $750k per patent that […]

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Early Stage Startups Get Wings from TiE Angels- Highlights of Nov 15th meeting

Introduction to TiE Angels With venture capital and private equity firms concentrating their investments on existing portfolio companies and unwilling to invest small amounts of seed capital, where does an emerging start-up company look for funding? Where can they express their value proposition to a serious group of individual investors? The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) has […]

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TIE Wireless SIG Panel: Mobility 2009: Setting the Stage for a New Order?

Abstract: The TIE Wireless Special Interest Group (SIG) held their annual review and outlook meeting on December 11th in Santa Clara. This article highlights key points, observations and take aways from the panel session. 2008 marked a milestone year for the mobile industry worldwide, with the launch of the Apple Appstore, Google’s Android, the mainstreaming […]