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Driverless – The VOD of Today?

It was an honor to be on the Smart Driving Car podcast with Cade Metz, Fred Fishkin, and Alain Kornhauser for a thoughtful discussion of what makes driverless different than an Internet app. Inspired by Metz’s recent New York Times article, The Costly Pursuit of Self Driving Cars Continues On and On and On, the […]

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Help On Demand – Online and On TV

HDTV calibration is another innovative way SureWest Communications is adding value to its bundled service offering. They are doing this through a series of on-demand videos that help people calibrate their televisions. The videos provide an easy to follow along tutorial on how to adjust contrast, brightness, resolution and color. What is amazing about this […]


Alternative Video Killed the Video Store

Back in the early days of commercial Video on Demand (circa 1999), when I was with the on-demand, Application Service Provider, DemandVideo, one of the benchmarks for our success was the demise of a video store.   That is, we knew that if a video store went out of business because of what we were […]


VOD Provider, Demand Video, Ceasing Operations

VIDEO ON DEMAND PROVIDER, DEMANDVIDEO, CEASING OPERATIONS Sunnyvale, CA (April 30, 2001) DemandVideo, a privately held company providing Video on Demand (VOD) services for the cable television industry, announced today that “adverse market conditions” had forced it to cease operations, effective immediately. The company, founded in September 1998, was headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA. That office […]