Viodi View

Viodi View – 11/19/22

If a human generation is 20 years, then, with this issue, the Viodi View now spans a generation. Of course, a technology generation is more like two or three years as evidenced by the technological advancements since the November 2002 Viodi View debut. It is difficult to remember the world of limited hard-drive storage, 400 […]


He Made a Difference

We all make a difference. This thought comes to mind with the unexpected and untimely passing of Warren Lee from stroke at age 50. The former CEO of NeoNova, Lee and his team spun off the DSL service from Nortel. This team had developed the multi-megabit modem service; allowing independent telcos to offer DSL services […]


What Is a Telco in a 3.0 World?

Warren Lee, CTO of NeoNova, asked the question, “What is a telco?” Lee’s question, inspired by his daughter, set the tone for an excellent presentation that looked at the characteristics of how the new generation communicates and things a telco can do to evolve to meet the needs of this new customer-type. Lee suggested if […]

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