Autonomous Vehicles, New Mobility & the Built Environment

Super Intelligence – Good or Bad?

Utopia or dystopia are the typical scenarios envisioned because of technological advances. In his ongoing series on how autonomous vehicles will disrupt society, Mike Robinson’s¬†infographic illustrates some of the possibilities that deep learning creates; a so-called “super intelligence” that will make Einstein seem like an infant. Strap on that metaphorical safety belt for a ride of disruption that will make the changes due to¬†the Internet look trivial.

The potential upsides and downsides to artificial intelligence from Michael Robinson and his Road To Revolution series October 2016 english
With Permission by Mike Robinson and Quattroruote

Author Michael Vernon Robinson

By Michael Vernon Robinson

CEO & Design Director of ED - a unique Italian center of excellence that provides "turnkey" projects to our customers, integrating Automotive design and engineering with IT software.

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