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Lots of Possibilities With the Right Mindset

Mindset change, new business opportunities and cybersecurity are three terms that describe some of the highlights of last week’s 2015 IP Possibilities conference and trade show. The sessions were terrific and the exhibit floor featured some interesting innovations, but the best part of the show, was the interaction with innovators from around the country. In […]

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Viodi View – 01/16/15

The Chicken & Egg Spectrum Auction Overload; one word to describe everything going on regarding the activity surrounding telecommunications regulation and policy in Washington D.C. Carri Bennet and Jill Canfield, two very knowledgable people on these topics drove home the point of how complicated telecom policy is when they described where the FCC stands with […]

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Security is Biggest Issue for U.S. Infrastructure, Cloud Computing, Open Networking, and the Internet of Things

The Security Threat is Real and Increasing! “At around 8:15am the Monday before Thanksgiving, that black screen of death came on (all the office PCs). They shut down the entire network. We couldn’t really work the rest of the week, which seemed OK because it was a holiday week. But as Tuesday and Wednesday progressed, […]

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2013 Cloud Connect Part I: Highlights & Mobile Cloud Issues

Introduction: The four-year-old Cloud Connect conference, sponsored by United Business Media, was held  April 2 to 5th in Santa Clara, CA.   Having attended all four Cloud Connects, this one was by far the most in depth and comprehensive treatment of Cloud Computing. At last, no more defining terms and debating methods of cloud computing, this […]

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Living His Destiny – Uncaged Book Review

Paul McKellips is living his destiny to help defend his country. Like the asymmetric enemies we face, Paul’s weapons are unconventional and leverage his strength in telling a story. Knowing Paul, his motivation for what he is doing is love; love of his fellow-man, love of his family and love of his country. Having run […]