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The Luddites of London

[Editor’s Note: An automobile industry executive and subject matter expert, who wishes to remain anonymous, penned the following article for the Viodi View.] Just as we begin to hear about the Google Car and the significance of the autonomous vehicle (AV) for society, taxi cab drivers throughout the European Union recently staged mass protests against the […]

Software Defined Network Wearable & Implantables

Technology Outlook: The Cable Show 2014

The Cable Show 2014 was back in Los Angeles this year – which usually allows for a larger contingent of content folks to attend given the proximity of Hollywood. This year saw a good mix of technology folks rubbing shoulders with content-types but it almost felt like two shows in parallel – one set of […]

Alan Weissberger Internet of Everything Wearable & Implantables Wireless

Are the Internet of Things (IoT) & Internet of Everything (IoE) the Same Thing?

Introduction: For quite some time, Cisco and Qualcomm have used the term Internet of Everything (IoE) to describe what almost everyone else refers to as the Internet of Things (IoT). Qualcomm says on its IoE web page “When smart things everywhere are connected together, we will be able to do more and be more. This is the […]

Telemedicine Wearable & Implantables

Augmenting the Local Caregiver’s Abilities via Google Glass

Telemedicine is the kind of practical application that may make Google Glass and other wearable technologies into something revolutionary. Pristine, a company that claims to be the only company that has developed commercially available Glass-software that meets HIPPA regulations, has partnered with Wound Care Advantage (WCA) to be the first to use Google Glass to help […]

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