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Emerging Devices and M2M Team Up for Explosive Growth- Part 2

Editors Note: This is the 2nd of 3 articles that explore new telco markets and opportunities. Much of the information gathered for these articles comes from the 2011 Connections conference in Santa Clara, CA. The 1st article, New Telco Services Enable the Connected Home, described different versions of a “connected home,” including consumer electronics for […]


Sprinting to LTE

Alan Weissberger connects the dots regarding several different announcements from Sprint and Ericsson and infers that Sprint is building an LTE network. This is big news, as, to date, Sprint has relied on Clearwire and its WiMAX infrastructure for its next generation network build. Alan suggests, we may see a Sprint offering of an LTE Network […]

Viodi View

Viodi View – 11/09/10

It is back to where it all started for the Viodi View at this week’s TelcoTV conference. Innovation was a common theme at the first TelcoTV event eight years ago and, if the press releases that are flying around cyberspace are accurate, then innovation will be a good descriptor for this year’s event.  A couple […]

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Highlights of Sprint Developers Conference: Oct 26-28, 2010 Santa Clara, CA

Disclaimer:  Unlike all other Viodi View articles, this one will refrain from the analysis, insight, inferences and comments that this author is noted for.  Instead, that content is being provided exclusively on the IEEE ComSocSCV Discussion mail list.  Instructions for IEEE members to join are at the bottom of  We will not offer opinions here or […]

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Motion Pictures at 4G World

The last half of the 1800s brought pictures "to life" with the zoopraxiscope, kinetoscope, and the vitascope. These were the early days of moving pictures and Cinematographe. The "Wheel of Life" Zoopraxiscope PD Image from Wikipedia – view synchronization by Roger Although simple and presumably unrelated, the photo flip book below made me realize how […]