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Viodi View – 04/17/19

Purple Ties that Bind #Summit26 “We are a collaborative, cooperative organization and our goal is to find the right policy and not the right politics,” says America’s Communications Association Chairman Bob Gessner at the ACA Connects Summit. He explains that the choice of purple accouterments was intentional and symbolizes the idea that broadband deployment should […]

Autonomous Vehicles, New Mobility & the Built Environment

Eyes for the Darkness & Blinding Light for Autonomous Driving & More #CES2019

Thermal imaging has been around for decades in various industrial and military applications, but could it be the extra sense that makes autonomous mobility machines safer than human-driven vehicles? AdaSky’s Sharon Fiss, Director of Sales Engineering, makes a convincing case that detecting thermal signatures and fusing with other sensor data will provide for a super-human […]