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Driving Towards Better Goods Delivery Through Automation

Are the milk delivery wagons of 100-years ago and Trailers on Flat Cars (TOFC) good proxies for the future of automation in the transportation of goods?  Princeton’s Alain Kornhauser set the stage for the thirteenth session of the Smart Driving Car Summit with this thought-provoking question. Kornhauser was also the moderator for this panel that looked […]

Viodi View

Viodi View – 05/22/19

From a one-of-a-kind reception to a beautiful venue centered around learning to a format not found in commercial conferences, the 3rd Annual SmartDrivingCars Summit is a conference like no other in the mobility space. What ultimately sets this event apart is Alain Kornhauser, his vision and the caliber and the variety of participants he brings […]

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Electric Fleet Manager of the Future is a Familiar Name #CES2019

Ryder showed off their fleet management prowess at CES2019. In this interview with Chris Nordh, Sr. Dir. of Advanced Vehicle Technology and Energy Products, discusses their relationship with electric van manufacturer Chanje, the recent purchase of 1,000 of those vans by Federal Express, as well as the future of autonomous shared people and parcel movement. […]