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An Eyewitness View of the LVCC Loop – #CES2022

One of the CES2022 highlights was under the show floor. The LVCC Loop made its CES debut quietly hauling attendees between the West and Central Halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center. With speeds of up to 40 MPH, it takes approximately two minutes to cover the 1/2 mile journey between the West and Central […]

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Through the Air or On the Ground, CES2019 had Mobility Covered

Whether by air, road, bike lane, hallway or virtually, via wireless, CES2019 had all aspects of mobility covered. Starting with wireless, announcements of so-called “5G” were everywhere. Wireless carriers are racing ahead of standards and chipset compatibility to establish beachheads in markets served by traditional wireline networks, such as cable and fiber providers. Of course, […]


What Is That Gizmo? Is it TV? It’s Everywhere.

It’s not unusual to run into someone you know on an airplane. This week when someone I saw at the ACA Summit said they saw me on a Southwest flight a couple of weeks ago, I had to wonder as it had been since January since I had flown Viodi’s corporate jet (aka, SWA). Turns […]

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Viodi View – 01/16/15

The Chicken & Egg Spectrum Auction Overload; one word to describe everything going on regarding the activity surrounding telecommunications regulation and policy in Washington D.C. Carri Bennet and Jill Canfield, two very knowledgable people on these topics drove home the point of how complicated telecom policy is when they described where the FCC stands with […]

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ThreeD for DDDummies

[Editor’s note: contact the 3D version of Peter, email him at [email protected]] For some years 3D TV content providers have been seeking overnight success. Heavily researched, beautifully made (mostly cartoon /animated) cinema productions have indeed captivated audiences, and stirred significant investment aimed at bringing the 3D viewing experience into the living room.  January’s CES showed […]