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Restoring a Sense of Freedom via a Labrador Retriever – A Personal Care Robot #CES2022

There is an English proverb suggesting that necessity is the mother of invention. In the case of Mike Dooley, it was his mother’s necessity that drove his team’s invention. In the above interview, Dooley, CEO/Co-Founder of Labrador Systems, Inc., talks about the indoor robot that was inspired by his aging mom’s desire to not rely […]

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Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence as Simple as Drag and Drop #CES2021

Blaize AI Studio brings drag and drop functionality to the creation of AI & ML Apps cutting development time from months to days.

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The Face Mask That Connects the Ears & Mouth #CES2021

MaskFone, a combination face mask, and Bluetooth microphone and earbuds will be available at some Target stores and on Amazon in late January, according to Binatone. With replaceable medical-grade filters (PM2.5 or N95/FFP2), a fit that allows glasses to sit on top of the mask to prevent steaming, and comfortable, washable Twill fabric, the MASKFONE […]


What Is That Gizmo? Is it TV? It’s Everywhere.

It’s not unusual to run into someone you know on an airplane. This week when someone I saw at the ACA Summit said they saw me on a Southwest flight a couple of weeks ago, I had to wonder as it had been since January since I had flown Viodi’s corporate jet (aka, SWA). Turns […]