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Rural America Needs Advanced Services & Competition – Part 1

The above title is by no means an original thought; this belief has been documented in policy statements and legislation at the Federal and individual state level many times over the years.  Technology and other social factors have resulted in many changes to telecommunications policy for the common good of our country.  A significant number […]

Viodi View

Viodi View – 05/28/13

A New Use for an Old iPhone What to do with the some 50 million iPhones that were replaced last year; put them in a drawer, junk them, resell them? People Power provides an interesting approach to reusing these functionally good devices through its recently released People Power Presence. The above video overview with People Power’s CTO and co-founder, […]

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Telecom Death Spiral Continues with ZTE’s Steep Profit Drop

Sluggish telecom operator infrastructure spending, mobile device price wars and roadblocks in several western markets have all combined to cause China’s ZTE to report an 85% drop in profits (year over year) in the latest quarter that ended in June. Net earnings for the first half dropped 68 per cent  to Rmb245m, in line with a warning issued last […]

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An Interactive Chat With an Old School Instrument

Received a fascinating telemarketing call that I almost hung up on, but have been listening now for 30+ minutes. One of the only groups that can escape the do not call laws are the politicians. This call was from Tom Campbell, who is running for the governor of California. Instead of a recorded call, this […]


Radical Idea to Restructure USF Funding

[12/02/15 – Note: this article was published on August 18th, 2004. The original HTML is not working, so it has been reposted] [Editor’s Note: Many thanks to Mr. David Irwin, Managing Partner, Irwin, Campbell & Tannenwald, PC and Director of the Institute for Communications Law Studies at the Catholic University Law School, for his insight […]

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