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WiMAX in India Update

Indian WiMAX Spectrum Winners can offer voice, says DoT – August 29, 2008
India’s Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has proposed that winners in the upcoming licence auctions for broadband wireless access (BWA) – read mobile WiMAX – will be able to offer voice as well as data services.
But the dispensation comes at a price. Instead of calculating the BWA licence reserve price at 25 per cent of the 3G licence reserve price on a per MHz basis, the DoT has proposed, following recommendations made by the Telecom Commission, that BWA licence winners pay at least 50 per cent of the base 3G licence cost.
India 3G licence auctions are scheduled for later this year (but the exact date has not been set).

4th Update:  Intel’s WiMAX in India Push   August 19, 2008

Upshot:  Intel is negotiating with WiMAX operators in India while promising to deliver a very low cost laptop with an embedded WiMAX interface

Intel talks progress for WiMAX rollout in India

Betting big on WiMax in India, chip giant Intel is in talks with telecom operators to enable the growth of WiMax ecosystem through its products for boosting the penetration of wireless broadband in the world’s fastest-growing telecom market.

The US-based company is working with ODMs (original device manufacturers) to evolve new products like WiMax USB dongle, mobile internet devices (MIDs) besides WiMax notebooks with an aim to have wireless broadband networks running by the first quarter of 2009 in India.

Intel readies sub-$400 laptop for India

27.5M WiMax Users In India by 2012

3rd Update:  WiMAX in India article- still waiting for licenses!
While the Indian government will soon hold 3G auctions, it has not yet issued rules and regulations for the licensed spectrum auction needed for WiMAX deployment.   Why not?  Until that happens, WiMAX in India is on hold.
Here are a couple of articles on the announcement of the long awaited 3G Spectrum Auction in India:
India’s 3G Auction: sometime soon?
Although the exact date is not clear, it is rumored that the government is planning to hold the all-important auction for allocation of licenses for 3G sometime soon. We hope this happens soon as it’s high time 3G services are launched here, especially since other countries have already started looking beyond 3G.
Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) Applauds the Announcement of a Spectrum Auction for 3G Services in India

Arlington, Va. – The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), the leader in advocacy, standards development, business development and intelligence for the information and communications technology (ICT) industry, applauds the Indian government’s recent announcement of its guidelines for auction and allotment of spectrum for 3G telecom services and broadband wireless access. This long anticipated announcement will help ensure that Indian consumers can access the latest wireless technologies for voice and data services.
TIA is encouraged that the Indian government has addressed a number of concerns raised by global industry regarding the allocation and eligibility criteria for 3G spectrum. TIA, as Chair of the Telecommunications Subcommittee of the U.S.-India ICT Working Group, has been recommending to India for many years that it identify, allocate and distribute Spectrum for 3G and Broadband Wireless Services. The new auction guidelines are a positive step toward accomplishing this goal.
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Business Week called it "A WiMAX Breathrough in India– Tata It indicates to me that they believe there is greater WiMAX potential outside of India.

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Economic Times: Dual mode devices to drive growth of WiMax in India

Mobile handsets offering both 3G (for voice) and WiMax (for high speed wireless broadband access) are likely to gain popularity with the Indian telecom operators and give a fillip to WiMax services in the country.

The dual mode devices which combine both the technology – 3G and WiMax – would help the operators in the country to offer the services in a cost effective manner once the spectrum for the services is auctioned by the government post the elections, WiMax Forum Chairman (India chapter) C S Rao said.

“In India once the spectrum is auctioned, the operators are likely to go for 3G spectrum for voice services as the existing spectrum is saturated and to support the next 200 million subscribers they have to use the third generation spectrum,” he said.

However, for data services like video streaming and downloading WiMax could be used, as the technology is more efficient for data download and other applications, he said. Globally, Samsung has already started manufacturing such devices.

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