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Viodi View – 01/04/19

In this Pre-CES 2020 edition of the Viodi View, there are multiple videos from CES2019 that provide a glimpse of the wide variety of new technology and developments found at this expansive tradeshow in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, in the Korner section of the newsletter, there is a link to a video with what may be the most important message of anything Viodi published in 2019.

CES2019 – Some Smart Home & IoT Technologies

Xenoma demonstrates their connected clothes in this video.
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This playlist starts with Bloc Blinds demonstrating how they are adding intelligence to window shades to turn a dumb home smart. Q-Blocks promises to pay people to watch television through its crypto mining device that doubles as a streamer and more.

And, if we fall off the couch while watching TV at home or at work, Parade Connect has shoes that will detect and send an appropriate alert. Meanwhile, Xenoma’s smart skin clothes not only monitor movement, but they can also provide vital health statistics. And, Adero’s tags and its associated app won’t let you forget anything as you walk out the door.

Seedsheets uses connected sensors to help anyone to develop a green thumb. And you can cook those vegetables with ANOVA’s cooking stick. Finally, you can create a multi-camera, video recording studio in your home or anywhere and stream your latest creation to the world.

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CES2019 – Some Smart Home & IoT Infrastructure & Security Developments

cea demonstrates better battery management through its Sigma Cells efforts.
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Voice assistants and intelligence everywhere is what Legrand and Brilliant demonstrated with these technologies integrated into light switches and more. Meanwhile, LinTo, with its open-source voice assistant approach, is focusing on the business market by providing businesses with an opportunity to control their own data.

And using predictive analytics with IoT, Panoptes Engineering hopes to proactively maintain residential and industrial infrastructure. Securing IoT via blockchain is the goal for both Sigmadots and IoTex.

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CES2019 – Autonomous, Connected, Electric & Smart Vehicles

Cognata demonstrates autonomous vehicle simulation software that could become a stamp of approval for autonomous vehicles.
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As has been written before, the “C” in CES could signify “car”, as this annual event has become a prime It has been written before, but the “C” in CES could stand for “Car”. It is a prime location for companies ranging from start-ups to behemoths to showcase new technology and the associated improvements in the consumer experience.

Featured in this playlist is an app-based, electric scooter that can carry a helmet and a beer crate. Synovia Solutions discusses their solution that allows fleet managers and their customers to understand where their vehicles are; school districts and their parents, particularly in rural areas are finding this useful. Cognata demonstrates simulation technology that could represent a stamp of approval for autonomous vehicles. Better lights will be important for both human and robot drivers and NAL shows how they are incorporating lights and sensors to improve driving for all.

Finally, cea shows how to improve battery range by up to 20% through better management, while ProLogium, a Taiwanese company, promises safer and much greater energy density with its line of solid-state batteries.

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Some Tweets and Short Thoughts

  • This video, Holographic Advertising for Everyone, (Viodi YouTube channel) doesn’t fit into a category, it might be useful for any marketer looking to grab the attention of a passerby at an event or tradeshow
  • “Air filter installation is one of the most cost-efficient (in terms of dollar per test score) educational interventions available to policymakers.” Michael Gilraine, NYU (PDF)
  • Honored, humbled, and looking forward to moderating this January 28th, all-star WCA panel on the future of unlicensed spectrum. Register here. 

The Korner – Technology – A Key Driver on the Road to No More Victims

MADD's CEO discusses how technology will play a part to achieving their goal of "No More Victims."
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With the proliferation and ease of ridesharing, it is beyond sad that the number one cause of death on U.S. roadways is still drunk driving. MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) estimates that someone is injured every two-minutes and someone is killed every 51-minutes in a drunk driving crash. And it’s not just drinking, as “drugged driving is an emerging and growing threat we cannot ignore,” writes Helen Witty, MADD National President. Beyond education, MADD CEO, Adam Vanek, suggests technology will be an important tool in reaching their goal of “No more victims.”

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Author Ken Pyle, Managing Editor

By Ken Pyle, Managing Editor

Ken Pyle is Marketing Director for the Broadband Forum. The mission of this 25+-year-old non-profit “is to unlock the potential for new markets and profitable revenue growth by leveraging new technologies and standards in the home, intelligent small business, and multi-user infrastructure of the broadband network.”

He is also co-founder of Viodi, LLC and Managing Editor of the Viodi View, a publication focused on the rural broadband ecosystem, autonomous vehicles, and electric aviation. He has edited and produced numerous multimedia projects for NTCA, US Telecom and Viodi. Pyle is the producer of Viodi’s Local Content Workshop, the Video Production Crash Course at NAB, as well as ViodiTV. He has been intimately involved in Viodi’s consulting projects and has created processes for clients to use for their PPV and VOD operations, as well authored reports on the independent telco market.

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