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SmartDrivingCars On the Road to Trenton & Beyond – Day 1

[The following provides a summary of day 1 of the 5th Annual SmartDrivingCars Summit. This was a roving event as it started at Mayor Donnelly Homes, then proceeded to Trenton Central H.S., Trenton City Hall, the NJ DOT, West Windsor Senior Center, and finally ending at the township of Princeton. It featured the May Mobility autonomous vehicle and lots of enthusiastic questions from audiences at all the stops. What follows are the @Viodi tweets and images associated with each stop.]

“Trenton MOVES, the world improves,” says Professor Kornhauser at the launch of the @SmartDrivingCar Summit. Start in Trenton and scale to the rest of NJ and the U.S., and the world.

Trenton Housing Authority is all in for using innovation to improve things for its residents.

The mayor surprises Kornhauser. The Mayor looks forward to having 100 of these shuttles ferrying people around his city.

Daisy Wall of @May_Mobility spoke of the importance of designing for accessibility

Now, we are with Superintendent James Earle & Daisy Wall of @May_Mobility at the Trenton Central High School. Great enthusiasm from the students who are part of the automotive program.

Superintendent Earle says they have to make schools attractive, make it easy and affordable to get to school.

We have moved to city hall. A podium is being set up and the Mayor will join the roving autonomous band.

‘We are excited about this project,” says the mayor. Kornhauser says this is an opportunity for Trenton to lead the world. Wall says @May_Mobility‘s mission is to help transform people’s will take a village of different public/private partners to make this a success.

@May_Mobility‘s engineer, Nathan Sunbury providing an overview of how their autonomous tech works to the media. He explains that the autonomous vehicle’s computer is constantly looking at it’s surroundings and simulating possible future events so it is ready when the unexpected happens.

Headed over to the NJDOT in the @MayMobility vehicle and saw this reclaimed green space.

Wow, there must be over 100 people from the NJDOT to see the @May_Mobility autonomous vehicle.

Am I in Pittsburgh, @MattPPens? No, this is Trenton from the back seat of the @May_Mobility #AutonomousVehicle.

We made it to the West Windsor Senior Center, the 5th stop on today’s tour. Fun fact, it is West Windsor’s 225th anniversary.

4 of the 5 West Windsor council members and chair of the Environmental Commission are here to learn how autonomous mobility could help move seniors.

Kornhauser suggesting that a pilot could begin as soon as 12 months. Cost could be comparable to a fancy cup of coffee. Wall of @May_Mobility says they start with the community needs first.

Final stop at the Princeton city hall with the mayor. Rain is a perfect use case for on demand transit.

Originally tweeted by Ken Pyle (@viodi) on June 2, 2022.

Coverage is provided by ViodiTV and CARTS.

Author Ken Pyle, Managing Editor

By Ken Pyle, Managing Editor

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