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SDC Day 3 – From Autonomous Rides to a Traveling Circus

Let the autonomous rides begin at Day 3 of the @SmartDrivingCar Summit. The mayor of Trenton & former Princeton Township mayor ride-sharing in this horizontal elevator demonstration.

Assemblymember Dan Benson leading a roundtable at the morning @SmartDrivingCar Summit with a group of local leaders discussing the potential impact of Trenton MOVES on the region.

The needs are different, such as getting to doctor’s appointments, doing laundry, or getting to school, each town could use better mobility options.

“If you can make it in Trenton, you can make it anywhere,” says Trenton Mayor, Reed Gusciora. Panelists tout the advantages of New Jersey for early adoption of autonomous vehicle technology as it has rural, suburban, and urban locales.

Florida State Senator Brandes suggests a southern block of states will create autonomous corridor. He believes that we are at the start of a transition to autonomous, electric, connected, and, most importantly, shared. Agriculture, ports, and trucking will be the first use cases for autonomy.

@sbjesq points out that innovation and equity are not mutually exclusive. Need to get better mobility to people who don’t have it, regardless of where they are. “Mobility is freedom.”

Reggie Caudill, Emeritus Professor of NJIT, adds to @sbjesq‘s point by suggesting good mobility provides upward mobility. NJIT is renowned for helping lift people. He is making the case for a Newark MOVES initiative.

Newark has needs, such as getting workers to the ports. As he points out, ports are undergoing their own automation transformation. His group wants to follow and learn from Trenton MOVES.

We are learning about how Greenville is going to start an innovative program in the next couple of weeks to bring mobility to those who need it. The interns provide an excellent summary of their plans. Stay tuned for a ViodiTV interview with them for more details.

Dr. Robert Hampshire, Asst. Secretary of Research & Chief Science Officer of the USDOT reinforces the importance of community engagement. The momentum around Trenton MOVES is exciting he says. Safety is the US DOT’s number one priority for implementing autonomous technology.

The innovations have to connect into a network. It needs to be sustainable and equitable. New mobility solutions provide the opportunity to connect communities that have been divided by previous transportation projects.

He says that DOT is increasingly looking at complete trips with multiple pilots. The inclusive design challenge is another effort from the DOT to help with vehicle ingress/egress.

@May_Mobility‘s Daisy Wall provides additional details of their participation in the demonstration program to create accessible autonomous shuttles. Part of the grant requires community outreach. Hampshire credits @DFR_Economics with launching these programs.

Kornhauser emphasizes that this won’t launch if the vehicles aren’t safe. He thinks they will need attendants in the car for the first 2 years He calls the person in the car as “social infrastructure,” to embed the community in this mobility solution.

The activities have moved outside and the Trenton Circus Squad is making everyone’s hand clap.

Originally tweeted by Ken Pyle (@viodi) on June 4, 2022.

Coverage is provided by ViodiTV and CARTS.

Author Ken Pyle, Managing Editor

By Ken Pyle, Managing Editor

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