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The Modern Day Carhop – #CES2022

Is the solution to long-drive thru lines a robotic carhop?1 That is just one of the many potential use cases for Ottonomy’s delivery robots. Ottonomy CEO, Ritukar Vijay explains that the focus of their two-year-old company is the following segments: With their initial deployment, at the Cincinnati International Airport, they are able to avoid the […]

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Sleep Better

A good night’s sleep makes all the difference in the world. It’s not just your mother saying this, but science says so as well.* SleepScore Labs makes tracking and understanding one’s sleep performance easy with their smartphone app, SleepScore. In the above interview, filmed at CES 2022, Colin Lawlor, CEO of SleepScore Labs, speaks of […]

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A Bike Points the Way to a New Way of Manufacturing #CES2022

[Author’s Note, 11/29/22: The comments made by readers at the bottom of this post regarding their unfulfilled orders have been forwarded to AREVO. AREVO has yet to respond.] As the world’s first 3D-printed unibody carbon fiber composite bike, the Superstrata is an important pointer of the commercialization of the concept of mass customization. As Sonny […]

Autonomous Vehicles, New Mobility & the Built Environment CES CES2022

An Eyewitness View of the LVCC Loop – #CES2022

One of the CES2022 highlights was under the show floor. The LVCC Loop made its CES debut quietly hauling attendees between the West and Central Halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center. With speeds of up to 40 MPH, it takes approximately two minutes to cover the 1/2 mile journey between the West and Central […]

Autonomous Vehicles, New Mobility & the Built Environment CES2022

Get Paid to Ride #CES2022

Through its back-end software, Israeli-based Enroute enables local retailers to deliver a shopping experience within a mobility service (e.g. rideshare, bus, train, or other public transit). In practice, this means that the retailer could subsidize or even pay for the ride. In the above interview, Enroute co-founder/CEO Aviv Frenkel provides an overview of the offering. […]