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Viodi View – 05/12/21

Things that were abstract dreams and nightmares in the early 1990s have become today’s reality. Specifically, the idea of electronic viruses and cybercriminals wreaking havoc on the real world has sadly become a reality and the resulting gas shortages are a reminder of the 1970 era. Unfortunately, the cyberinfrastructure vulnerabilities we are seeing today are […]

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Resilient Positioning, Navigation, and Timing – Right Now

“Miss the beat, you lose the rhythm, And nothing falls into place” Van Halen, circa 1991, Right Now Van Halen’s insight about timing and seizing the moment in its song, Right Now, is a great metaphor for the current situation with PNT. As background, the most prevalent source of PNT, Positioning, Navigation, and Timing, is […]

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Safety First at the “Fully” Smart Driving Car Summit*

It is important to distinguish between those features that enhance safety versus those that provide safety and convenience is how Princeton’s Dr. Alain Kornhauser set the stage for the Smart Driving Car Summit session, Incentivizing Through Regulation. Regulations must ensure that the comfort features, such as Automatic Cruise Control (ACC), do not degrade safety. He […]

Autonomous Vehicles, New Mobility & the Built Environment Internet of Everything Wireless

Shared Bikes & More Without Fixed Infrastructure

In the above video, filmed at Pepcom’s Digital Experience held in conjunction with CES2018, LimeBike’s VP of Marketing and Partnerships, Caen Contee made a prediction that LimeBike would grow by 300,000 bikes in the U.S. in just a quarter or two. Judging by this author’s February visit to Scottsdale, AZ and his use of LimeBike […]

Autonomous Vehicles, New Mobility & the Built Environment

Autonomous Vehicles Staying the Course with a Fiber Gyro #AVS16

Redundancy of inputs might be the secret sauce that will lead to the expected safety improvements of autonomous transportation. In the above interview, Sean McCormack, Director, FOG/OEM Sales for KVH Industries, talks about KVH’s inertial sensor as a way for an autonomous vehicle to understand where it is at all times, even, in those cases […]